About Us

Pura Wildlife was started by two people with a passion for wildlife conservation and the rainforest, we have been living in the rainforest and working at a rescue and release centre on the south Caribbean coast of Costa Rica for many years. Living within the rainforest and dealing with injured and rescued animals means we are seeing first-hand the destruction of the rainforest , the natural habitat for thousands of species, going on around us every day.

We spend our days rescuing and rehabilitating wildlife, releasing them back into the rainforest where they belong and caring for our environment, we are growing and reforesting many native trees and caring for the ecosystem we live in. We felt we needed to do more, as we witness more and more trees fall and land being cleared, we think of all of the animals out there losing their homes, so we have decided that we need to take the next step and try and prevent animals having to be rescued in the first place, by securing and protecting their habitat.

Thank you for supporting us and helping our fight for a better future for our wildlife.

Ashley and Auger